Evolving People – Training and Developing within ClarkMorgan

Published on 2011-02-20

Source: Corey Ann @ Flickr
ONE OF THE ASPECTS I admire most working in ClarkMorgan is the company’s ability to evolve the people being trained, and working within.
While the company might be called ‘ClarkMorgan’ today it is less about the two co-founders, Andy Clark and Morry Morgan, and as much about the entire team, who have grown from, say, account managers into Greater China Sales Manager, as is the case with one staff member, Maggie Nee. Maggie, like myself, has evolved both in business acumen and wisdom, within this organisation and this is due totally to the company’s willingness to let others aspire to evolve into leaders.
And we do that in two ways.
The first way is to encourage self development through the conducting of research, that is then synthesized into blogs, Network HR articles, and even, in two cases (so far) books. Writing is not only encouraged amongst the ClarkMorgan trainers, but also the administration and sales teams, and provides for early identification of training talent, for any staff who wish to step sideways into a training function.
The second way is through the external development of staff. Throughout 2011, I have started personally mentoring all management staff via a one hour, one-on-one session. It’s great because not only do I assist ClarkMorgan’s managers to evolve, but I also learn a lot more about the challenges they are facing around the country, which increases my effectiveness as a general manager. Another way we develop our staff  is through more formal training courses, run each quarter. For instance, in March we will be running a ‘Questioning and Listening Skills’ course for out sales staff, and in the same month, a ‘Presentation Skills’ course for all staff. This program will continue throughout the year, with other relevant courses being run internally by our corporate trainers.
This is our commitment to ClarkMorgan’s motto of ‘Evolving People’, and why we are one of the best training firms in China. It’s also another reason, if self development is important, for you to join our team today.