Interns Are Cool

Published on 2011-06-29

ClarkMorgan experimented this year by reaching out to our general manager’s USA undergraduate school to look for individuals who would profit by the experience of coming to China, in whatever and multiple ways. The idea had been floated around at the annual Countrywide Trainer Retreat that CM held in October of 2010.
In the past, CM had gathered all of their employees/interns/help through local agencies or sources, but we’ve been wanting to expand our talent pool and pay forward some alumni help.
The process was rather convoluted and involved. Initiation of the project, multiple group presentations by the GM, p2p meetings with GM, preliminary screening of the resumes, cover letters, and PowerPoint presentation examples, video interview meetings with the directly responsible party (me), obtaining visas, and navigating the Chinese bureaucracy.
Overall, they’ve been an invaluable resource and I’m looking forward to watching them grow more during the following month.