Stand Up and Lead

Published on 2011-09-30

Source: Will Clayton @ Flickr
LEADERS AREN’T BORN, they’re also not made; they’re everyday people that, through a special set of circumstances are called forth to step up and do what needs to be done.
At ClarkMorgan Ltd we run a very fun and exciting team building activity. Having worked at Warner Bros. it’s only natural that I be the one to occasionally facilitate our movie-making team building activity for clients. On one such occasion in Guangzhou I witnessed an interesting turn of events.
A young lady with relatively little business experience, having held no prior leadership position, was given charge of a frantic team tasked with completing a short movie with little resources and less than 90 minutes to do so.
Some may think I would have had to hold her hand through the process and help her cope with the many challenges we design the activity to include; but in fact, the opposite was true. She stepped up, took control, and pulled her team through.
Not only did they get a great movie done, but she proved that leaders aren’t born, they’re not made, they’re everyday people that one day stand up and do what needs to be done.