Overcoming Remote Management Challenges with Social Media

Published on 2011-10-31

Source: ronsaunders47 @ Flickr
IN THE 1970s AND 80s, Tom Peters, author of the book ‘A Passion for Excellence’, popularised the idea of Managing by Walking Around; an open style of management copied my many U.S. Corporations. Many people still remember its shot to fame as part of the “HP Way”.
Managing by Walking Around is often characterised as an unstructured walk done enthusiastically on a daily, or consistent, basis. It’s a time to see and acknowledge good behaviour and an excellent opportunity to spot problems in the organisation.
As we increasingly rely on remote management and remote collaboration to do our business, we find ourselves confronting more and more problems related to our workforce as they increasingly find themselves unmotivated, undervalued, and in some cases; even ignored.
At a recent training seminar on the topic of ‘Remote, Matrix, and Conflict Management’, I delivered to one of the world’s leading PC makers in Shenzhen, China, we discussed how many companies are now using social media to engage their workforce and how we could use these platforms to help tackle some of the issues plaguing the international business world.
In China, where, unlike the U.S., there is Talent War taking place, it has become an absolute necessity to take immediate and concerted actions to ensure employees feel appreciated, empowered, and motivated by their managers; or risk losing them to the competition.
At ClarkMorgan Corporate Training, we recently implemented a Social Business solution. To be honest, I was a bit shocked at how quickly it was adopted. Within a week of turning it on, practically everyone in our organization was on it and posting comments, pictures, links to topics of interests and even “praising” one another for jobs well done.
There’s little doubt in my mind that using the web to engage staff, and not simply as a sales and marketing channel, will become a top priority for any company involved in remote management or collaboration.
By using social media to virtually “walk around” our remote organisations, we will be able to get to know our organisation and teams better and gain an increased ability to:

  • Motivate our employees;
  • Drive change within our organisations;
  • Improve morale; and
  • Increase engagement.

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