Business Writing Skills – Speed is Great! Except when it ain't…

Published on 2011-11-30

speed is good-except for when it is not
YOU MIGHT SEE A THEME in my last several posts, that of ‘Business Writing’.
It’s important.
It’s prevalent.
It’s ubiquitous.
And it is often done wrong, or, at least, it can be greatly improved.
For our purposes, I’m only going to be focusing on that bane of productivity, email. “BANE” you might mutter, “What the heck you talking about? Email is the best thing for productivity since the invention of the double book accounting system!”
One person’s productivity is another’s unproductive encounter. Email has given you the ability to send a message almost at the speed of light…
And we think this is good. Every time you send an email, you are setting an appointment:

      An appointment that was not agreed upon;


      An appointment that uses the recipient’s time;


    An appointment that is only oriented from your OWN point of view (POV).

I say ‘Bane’, because every time you send an email to another recipient, you are forcing an un-agreed-upon appointment, that of the recipient reading what I have sent you. My time is as important as your time. There are no more filters between layers, no receptionists or secretaries to help manage what is really important, important, slightly important, and potential spam.
All is potentially equal under the ’email rules’. Granted, there are so many advantages with this sort of system, open access, ease of knowledge transfer, less F2f time wasted, transit, etc…
But…… with the advantages, come some caveats…. too much access can sometimes equal every idea having equal merit. And face it, every idea is NOT equal.
Speed of exchange encourages speed of not well thought out ideas. And that can lead to waste of time for the recipient.
So, think about the subject, think about the goals, think about the purpose. Take that little bit of extra time before sending, and your recipient will appreciate it.