The Importance of Face – Rupert Munton

Published on 2011-12-19

YOU CAN NEVER BE REMINDED ENOUGH about the importance of ‘face’ in China. While guides highlight its importance, and veterans discuss its significance it is easy to overlook this idiosyncratic cultural phenomenon in ones daily work.
Such was the case with two British engineers – one with experience in China, and the other without. Rupert Munton of ClarkMorgan discusses how face was lost by one, but regained by the other and how one might “win the battle, but lose the war.”
Rupert first joined ClarkMorgan in 2004 in the role of Beijing Sales Manager and is now Head of Professional Services, China-wide. In 2012 Rupert was awarded with ClarkMorgan’s ‘Trainer of the Year’ award for consistently receiving the highest trainer appraisal scores throughout the year.
Rupert holds a BA (Hons) in Arabic and International Relations from Durham University, United Kingdom.