Living in China – Year 1

Published on 2013-06-28

Shanghai-Bund Dance Effects Video
SHANGHAI IS A MAGICAL CITY! So what a whirlwind & great experience it’s been in my first year in China. This is after I decided in a matter of 24 hours (I had honestly already made up my mind when I hung up the phone) to make a wholesale change in my life and take the job offer. It’s only a couple of plane rides away! My brain had apparently forgotten about my first trip to China in 2008 for holiday and the Olympics. Those planes rides feel like weeks! I literally could not get further away from my homeland. If I pass it I’ll be already on my way back. It is exactly 12 hours apart; minus Daylight Savings.
I have learned so much and expanded my capacity in so many different facets. All of which I’m thankful of! Firstly being able to enrich my cross culture awareness, which perspective is key! I come  from a city of almost 200,000 and moved to a metropolis of est. 27.000,000+ people. I would say that put me in quite a state of shock, even though I had been to Shanghai once before for 1.5 days.
• I learned to cross the street with at least 5-8 Chinese in front of you because they act as a buffer.
• I also now know that a car horn in China is part of the driver’s extremities, and if it’s not used it’s lost.
• Chinese is hard to learn, written and spoken, it’s like learning Chinese.
• I completely appreciate smaller things in life, like ice in your drink during the summer & being able to accomplish things on your own without a translator.
• E-bikes or bikes don’t last more than a month and a half unless you have a trusted guard on them, from my experience at the Vatican, I’d hire Swiss!
• China and especially Shanghai, you can meet anyone, anywhere!
• Always be respectful to the culture you are in, this kinda goes without saying!
To wrap up, I remember digging in the sandbox as a child and thinking that one day I’d dig my way to China! Well, I made it without a shovel. Just a couple of long plane rides and my skill set! I’m blessed to have such a life learning experience & adventure, I only hope it continues, for me evolve and become a better more understanding and compassionate person. I hope you enjoy my remix (click on top graphic) and find the guy dancing (he was not in the original, watch what he does…) and my website broadcast in the skyline next to the building we call the Bottle Opener!