Luxury in China is Being Redefined – Stephane de Montgros

Published on 2013-07-16

LUXURY IN CHINA is going through changes, but that doesn’t mean that all cities are changing at the same rate. A time lapse has occurred, with Shanghai and Beijing leading the trends, with Guangzhou behind, and Chengdu further behind. So says Stephane de Montgros, Co-Founder and Director of Riviera Events. His firm has focused on supporting high-end brands launch across China and interestingly what works in one city may not work in another. It all depends on the stage of evolution of that city.
Riviera Events is a foreign Events and PR agency (WFOE) founded in 2005 by Benoit Thebaut and Stephane deMontgros, both French nationals, in Shanghai, China. It currently manages offices in both Beijing and Shanghai giving clients national coverage. Riviera Events is one of the few agencies that hold event production services as well as PR services under the same roof.