It’s Big to be Small

WE NATURALLY SELL TO AND BUY FROM people we like or share a likeness with. How many of your customers fly to work in their own chartered jet? You don’t have tPublished on 2013-08-21

Never Sell a Carrot to a Rabbit

RABBITS LOVE CARROTS and they are the most discerning of carrot connoisseurs, and it’s almost guaranteed they know more about carrots than you do. So if youPublished on 2013-08-20

Re-Defining Learning

LEARNING IS THE PROCESS of modifying experience. Experience is the interaction of external events with our own internal being. It is far more than the simple aPublished on 2013-08-19

Communication is the Response You Get

MY FAVOURITE EXPRESSION from the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP, is “Communication is the response you get.” For those not familiar Published on 2013-08-15