Chinese Firms Can Use Australia As a Springboard – Rod North

Published on 2013-11-25

THE TIMES, THEY ARE A CHANGING. Wealth has been moving East, ever since the 1500s, and today the focus of new wealth is clearly in Asia – driven by China. This also allows for an opportunity for Australian companies, who can help China springboard into number 1.  So says Rod North, founder of Bourse Communications Pty Ltd, a firm that assists Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) listed companies manage their relationships with the investment community.
Rod is also the author of  three books; the bestselling, ‘Understanding the Investment Clock – Your Road to Recovery’ and two books produced in conjunction with my financial services clients, ‘Wealth at Your Doorstep’ and ‘Wealth Be In It’. Rod is also a regular business and investment commentator on radio and the ABC’s News Breakfast Show, 6am-9am weekdays, Sky Business News and Switzer TV. I am also a quarterly contributor to the ASX Investor Newsletter.