Best of ClarkMorgan, 2013

Published on 2014-01-06

Best of ClarkMorgan 2013
CHRISTMAS TREES ARE GETTING PACKED AWAY, resolutions have been made, and preparations for Chinese New Year are beginning, as the world moves from the the snake to the horse in the lunar calendar. And it is during this lull that we at ClarkMorgan look at the most popular articles and posts relating to training and development from the 2013. These articles, posts and videos that have been read, watched, ‘liked’, ‘dinged’ and reposted by the tens of thousands, across both international and Chinese social media.
Here’s a recap. Enjoy.
China in the Asian Century and How HR is Critical to its Success – by Morry Morgan (article)
Use a Holistic Approach to Writing Business E-mailsRupert Munton (video)
Introvert, Extrovert or Ambivert. Which Should You Hire this Year?Patrick McDonald (article)
Creating a Corporate University, and Building a Learning Organisation Maggie Nee (article)
In a TTT Course, Don’t Make My MistakeAndy Clark (post)
Environment, Capacity and Engagement Build Great Firms – Jeff Lunz (video)
Chinese Lack a Holistic Approach to WorkYan Sai (video)
To Resolve an Argument, Use ‘And’Claudia Fu (video)
The Measurement of ROI Starts with ‘Why’Jamie Dixon (video)