In China, Begin Slowly with Praise – Janey Lee

Published on 2014-02-07

PROVIDING PRAISE AND POSITIVE FEEDBACK isn’t a universal approach. Many in China have grown up with more ‘stick’ and less ‘carrot’ that what is experienced in the West. Weather it’s parents to their children, teachers to their students, or managers to their subordinates, the use of positive language is less pronounced than in countries such as Australia, Britain and the USA.
So says Janey Lee, China Manager at Nihao Global Corporation Limited. Janey has a significant understanding of cultural biodiversity due to her experience of dealing with people from various parts of the world over many years. She has organised and taken charge of a range of international projects and organised many events/galas that are related to cultural, environmental protection, art, education, media and travel themes. Her firm, Nihao Global Corporate Limited, is an organisation focused on providing tailored services across the globe for translation and interpretation, desktop research, services for market entry assistance to China and for travel and tour services.
Headquartered in Beijing, and with an Australian office in Melbourne, Nihao Global Corporation Limited has a broad network of 12 cities across China.