Career Success IQ Builds leaders – Larry Wang

Published on 2014-08-22

WHY WAS BASKETBALLER, JEREMY LIN, A STAR? He wasn’t taller, or stronger, or go to the best training programs. But what he did have was exceptionally high ‘basketball IQ’. He was resourceful, had his eyes open, and looked for opportunities. Larry Wang believes that employees can develop their ‘Career Success IQ’ in the same way. Those employees who are successful have ‘career sense’ and self awareness. But often this IQ needs to be taught.
Wang & Li Asia Resources specialises in the recruitment of bilingual/international-caliber professional and management talent for international companies in China. In particular, the company has placed many “homegrown”, mainland returnee, regional, and overseas Chinese, middle to senior management, professionals within companies competing in China’s fast growing information technology/telecomm, business services, consumer products and consumer services, and manufacturing industry sectors.