Forget Win-Win. Aim for Win-Win-Win

Published on 2014-12-15

Forget Win-Win. Aim for Win-Win-Win
YOU’VE HEARD OF ‘WIN-WIN’, but how about ‘win-win-win’?
It sounds like an impossibility, or at the very least, extremely difficult, but in reality it can be easier to reach a favourable outcome with three parties than with two. Take, for example, ClarkMorgan’s long running relationship with The Library Project. From 2009, ClarkMorgan worked together with The Library Project and collected children’s books (1 to 6 year olds) for impoverished rural schools around China. A book collection on its own is not remarkable, however, the founder of The Library Project, Tom Stader, and ClarkMorgan’s co-founder, Morry Morgan, struck upon an idea of charging clients one children’s book in return for attending a previously free 3-hour training course. [quote float=”right”]By the end of the first year, the ‘win-win-win experiment’ had netted over 500 books. [/quote]The option to bring a book was completely voluntary (ie. no HR professional who arrived empty handed was turned away), however, the results were remarkable. By the end of the first year, the ‘win-win-win experiment’ had netted over 500 books. These pre-loved books, which were brought along by members of the HR community as their ‘ticket’ for entry into the training, were then distributed to 15 rural schools in Sichuan and Shaanxi provinces. Over the years, this relationship has enabled the collection of over 5,000 books! The Library Project has saved money on buying books, the HR managers received free training, and ClarkMorgan supported both its PR and CSR initiatives. That’s win-win-win.
A rare case, you might say. Nope. In November this year, the win-win-win outcome was repeated, this time with Johnson & Johnson, the Grand Hyatt Erawan Bangkok, and ClarkMorgan. J&J had invited ClarkMorgan to run the ‘Emerging Leaders Forum’ – a two and a half day leadership and innovation program in Thailand, with over 70 staff from Australia, China, India, Singapore, Thailand and the USA. The win-win-win outcome became possible with one of the activities – Picture smART. [quote float=”left”]The win-win-win outcome became possible with one of the activities – Picture smART. [/quote]
Picture smArt involves team work, as a single, complex image is divided into individual pieces, and transcribed onto canvases. The result, when the individual canvases are combined, is a huge, and inspiring painting. Where this colossal task became an innovative win-win-win opportunity was not in the painting itself, but in the easels – all 70 of them!
ClarkMorgan had bought 70 wooden artist’s easels in Bangkok for the event, but on completion of the task these easels no longer had a home. Johnson & Johnson had no need of them, and although ClarkMorgan could have reused these easels in future team building activities, the cost of transporting them back to Shanghai was cost-prohibitive. And that’s where the third party stepped in. The Grand Hyatt Erawan, hosts of the Emerging Leaders Forum, were asked if they could assist. And indeed they could, through their own CSR program. Two weeks after the team building event, The HR Director, Mr. Xuwat Wongchotewattana, confirmed that the Pua School in Nan Province in the north of Thailand, had received the easels and painting supplies. The win-win-win combination was complete, and school children had once again benefited from this creative thinking.
So, whether you join another duo, or create your own trinity, win-win-win is not just possible, it can also be spiritually rewarding!
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