Only in Other People’s Shoes Can You See the Changes – Yan Sai

Published on 2015-04-21

THE ROLE OF A LEADER IS TO HELP those around oneself develop. But this outward focused mentality can result in an ignorance of one’s own shortcomings. In this ClarkMorgan Insight, Yan Sai describes the improvement of a team, thanks to the leadership of the new manager. But this new manager is blind to their own shortcoming. Improvement, says Yan, requires leaders to make their staff aware of these shortcomings, otherwise there will not be able to shift their behaviour. In short, Yan is describing one component of the Johari Window – a component of the ClarkMorgan Management Fundamentals program.
Yan Sai is a senior trainer and consultant at ClarkMorgan and focuses on building a multinational mindset within business professionals in China. Born in Beijing, and having spent 15 years in the USA, Yan understands the challenges of doing business both in the East and West.

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