What’s Happening at ClarkMorgan – June 2015

Published on 2015-07-01
ClarkMorgan Shanghai Office Entry
What’s Been Happening at ClarkMorgan?
>>> American, Australian, Austrian, Chinese, Danish, French, German, Irish and Italian organisations received training by ClarkMorgan in June. Each firm has its own history, culture and values, making each training program challenging – which is exactly what we enjoy at ClarkMorgan. We didn’t win ‘Training Firm of the Year’ two years in a row for nothing!

Australian Consulate (Chengdu) – Enhancing Work Mindfulness and Productivity

The Australian Consulate in Chengdu is Australia’s forth diplomatic mission in China. Opened in 2013, the Australian government hopes that “it will provide a launching pad into the region’s fast paced growth.” It was with this attitude that ClarkMorgan Operations Director, and senior trainer, Patrick McDonald, ventured west, to train 15 diplomatic staff in holistic time management, communication, coordination, efficiency and productivity. This was a combination program, consisting of multiple modules from ClarkMorgan’s broad Business Essentials series.

Somero – Sales Fundamentals

Somero manufactures laser-guided machinery used in horizontal concrete placement. In China today, they have no direct competition, but the firm knows that this advantage won’t last. To prepare their sales team for an influx of competitors, the firm invited Morry Morgan, co-founder of ClarkMorgan, to run a Sales Fundamentals program at their Shanghai factory. Staff from all of Somero’s China sites attended the training program.

Henkel – Intermediate Negotiations

Henkel is a 15 billion euro company, with a growing presence in emerging markets, where global sales account for 42% of business and where 54% of its people are employed. The company has a keen interest developing its people within these emerging markets, and ClarkMorgan has supported this goal since 2007. This is the third year that ClarkMorgan trainer, Maggie Nee, has been invited to Henkel to train from our Negotiation Fundamentals catalogue.

Monin – Sales & Negotiations

You’ve probably bought Monin’s products without ever knowing it. For 100 years, the company has been making gourmet flavours across 140 countries. If you’ve drunk a coffee from Costa Coffee, or a cocktail in a bar, then you have probably consumed Monin’s syrups. In June, Jeff Lunz and Patrick McDonald both headed to Kuala Lumpur to conduct a one day Sales and Negotiations program for regional sales staff. This was the second time ClarkMorgan was invited to train the crew from Monin.

Comau – Global People Program (GPP)

Comau is an Italian multinational company which develops and produces process automation, manufacturing and service solutions and specialises in welding robots. The company was established in 1973 and has 23 different operative centres, 15 manufacturing plants, and 3 research and development centres globally. In June, ClarkMorgan and our European partners, TCO International, rolled out the Global People Program (GPP).The GPP supports organisations in the challenges of working globally, providing support to companies that have global ambitions. ClarkMorgan trainer, Rupert Munton, and TCO International founder, Nigel Ewington, rolled out this GPP program.