Capitalism is Becoming Communal – Jason Inch

Published on 2015-08-05

THE TECHNOLOGY THAT DROVE US APART, is now bringing us together. Whether it’s the Dutch website, that allows you to eat your neighbour’s meals if you don’t feel like cooking, or the Chinese car pooling app, Haha Pinche, which is not only moving people cheaply from A to B, but also allowing them to build their business and personal network in the process, the internet is beginning to help us move back offline and become more communal.
So says Jason Inch, a ten year veteran of China, focusing on sustainability. To emphasise his commitment to the ‘triple bottom line’ of sustainability, Jason renovated an old house in downtown Shanghai and made it into one of the most sustainable buildings in China. He has also been featured on CCTV and in China’s national print media as the creator of Shanghai’s first personal power station. In 2015 he wrote LOHAUS: The Lifestyle of Health and Urban Sustainability, a book he wrote to chronicle the renovation and operation of the building into both a business and a new lifestyle with positive benefits for himself and his community.