Creating Balance with Urgency and Importance

Published on 2015-08-14

Source: John @ Flickr
HOLIDAYS ARE MEANT TO BE FUN. But did you ever stop and wonder why time just flies by so quickly in these happy moments? What’s more, after the holiday’s over, we are often more tired than before!
This is why:
1. Because we have this time, we feel we need/should/are obligated and are guilty if we don’t do something with our family, friends and/or colleagues.
2. Our friends/family expect us to do something with them.
3. We feel it’s our time and we must go do something with it. So, we look for places to go or something to do. That is how we express our freedom.
If you feel this way at times, then please notice the underlined words in each item number above. These words and mindsets can drain us of our patience, energy and creativity. Each item here is important, but then so are you.
Besides our regular busy schedules, our holidays do not necessarily equal rest or fun. Dwight Eisenhower, the 34th. President of the United States, coined the idea of a decision matrix with the purpose of differentiating what we should and shouldn’t (Urgent/Important) be doing with our time on a daily basis in order to be more happy, healthy and eventually successful. It was called the Eisenhower Urgent/Important Decision Matrix. Many of us today may recognize it as the Time Matrix often quoted by Steven Covey in his personal development books.
Here’s what it looks like:
How would your matrix look like and what could you change in your daily lives to be more happy, healthy and successful?
In order for us to be the best for our family and teams, we need to be in our top shape ourselves. During our daily lives and especially on holidays, remember to make some time for yourself. Whether it is one to two hours per day or several breaks during the day, we all need it! So, take the time to do what’s really important in your life.
Part of being a good leader is learning to manage you. Decide what kind of leader you want to be and create a plan to get yourself there.