In Asia, Trust Drives New Business Models – Yinglan Tan

Published on 2016-03-30

TRUST IS CRITICAL TO BUSINESS in Asian cultures. This constraint to doing business with others has helped drive a new business model that complements perfectly the mobile phone generation of today. Tan Yinglan, Venture Partner of Sequoia Capital, highlights two Asia-centric mobile apps that are leveraging the cultural phenomenon of trust, and building an entirely new business model – the ‘Commerce 4.0’.
Tan Yinglan joined Sequoia Capital in 2012 and is part of Indian team as a Venture Partner based out of Singapore where he set up the Singapore office and manages investments for Sequoia Capital. Prior to joining Sequoia Capital, Yinglan was the Head (Projects), National Research Foundation, Prime Minister’s Office (Singapore) where he was in the Singapore Administrative Service. In his role, he oversaw the National Framework for Innovation and Enterprise, where he oversaw investments in high-growth ventures and venture funds.
Yinglan is also a faculty member at INSEAD where he developed and teaches an elective MBA-course. Yinglan is also an Adjunct Assistant Professor at Nanyang Technological University and has also taught modules on Entrepreneurial Finance/Management at Singapore Management University and for the Advanced Management Program.