Luxury Brands Must be Online to be Relevant – Cyril Drouin

Published on 2016-04-11

LUXURY BRANDS ONCE BALKED AT THE IDEA of selling or even promoting themselves online. Today, this is no longer the case – particularly in China – where online shopping is almost the exclusive domain of Chinese between the ages of 25 and 40. For traditional luxury brands this cultural phenomenon needs to be embraced if a brand is to remain relevant to the Chinese consumer. So says Cyril Drouin, Chief eCommerce Officer Greater China at Saatchi & Saatchi.
Cyril has lived in China since 1998 and founded BysoftChina in 2003, an eCommerce and digital agency focusing on the Chinese market. He is a regular well-respected speaker and trainer at various digital and eCommerce conferences and hosts high-level training sessions about the Chinese eCommerce ecosystem in China and around the world. Cyril is also teaching eCommerce and Digital Marketing at the MBA level.

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