'Surviving' China as an Expat Means Jumping In – Adam McWhirter

Published on 2016-04-29

LIVING IN CHINA IS TOUGH. Adjusting to the culture, language and environment, especially in lower tier cities, can be difficult for some expatriates and their families. In this ClarkMorgan Insight, Adam McWhirter of Maxxelli Real Estate, tells the tale of one family, whose expatriation to China almost ended before it began. But with quick thinking, and sound advice, this family ended up being one of the more well adjusted families that really experienced China.
Adam entered the Global Mobility industry in early 2008, joining Maxxelli Real Estate. The company was originally a Destination Service Provider (DSP) specialising in 2nd tier China, but is now fully operational in 1st tier through to 4th tier cities across China. Today Maxxelli Real Estate not only provides DSP, but also commercial and industrial real estate support with a full range of consulting services.