ClarkMorgan in the Global Top 30

Published on 2016-05-05

EACH YEAR THE ‘GLOBAL GURUS’ research organisation ranks business professionals who support knowledge and organisational development across 11 fields, including, but not limited to, leadership, management, sales, and customer service. This year, ClarkMorgan co-founder, Morry Morgan, was awarded #14 amongst the ‘Top 30 Global Sales Gurus‘, behind Oren Klaff (#1), Brian Tracy (#9), and ahead of Jeffrey Gitomer (#15) and Joe Girard (#22) . [quote float=”right”]The Top 30 Gurus, in their respective categories, are considered the “Cream of the Crop”[/quote]
All Global Guru categories focus on practitioners, trainers, speakers and consultants who develop and instil competency in others.The Top 30 Gurus, in their respective categories, are considered the “Cream of the Crop” – the world’s top 30 most influential professionals speakers, trainers and consultants. All gurus in the Top 30 list apply their own principals to achieve superior results in their organisations, as well as develop and influence people and organisations throughout the globe.
Each year Global Guru’s initial research originates from 22,000 surveys sent to business professionals, consultants, academics and MBAs from around the world. A shortlist of 60 names is then created from those candidates receiving at least 500 votes.
The criteria for judging each of the 11 categories of the Top 30 Global Gurus is:
– Public opinion – 30%
– Originality of ideas – 30%
– Impact of original ideas – 10%
– Practicality of ideas – 10%
– Presentation style – 10%
– Number of publications and writings – 5%
– Guru factor 5%
This is the second year that Morry Morgan has been included in the Top 30 Global Sales Guru list. In 2015, he was ranked #29. This recent jump to #14 has been due in part to his increased speaking and training engagements across Australia, China, Malaysia, Singapore and the Middle East.
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