When There's a Breakdown, Blame the 'Foreigner' – James Telfer

Published on 2016-05-19

GLOBAL COMPANIES FACE A CHALLENGE. When it comes to peer-to-peer communication, there is often a breakdown. This is particularly true for US headquartered companies, which rely solely on the English language, requiring other nationalities to speak in their second language. But, says James Telfer of Verizon, this doesn’t mean that these non-native English speakers are to blame when communication breaks down. Sometimes, it is the ‘foreigner’, that is, the native-English speaker that is to blame.
James Telfer is a search and selection specialist based across the Asia-Pacific region. He is tasked with executing aggressive talent acquisition strategies for Verizon and identifying the strongest candidates in the market for all of the organisation’s operations in Asia, including North Asia, South Asia, ANZ, India, Japan, and the Philippines. All opinions are his own.

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