Dee Wang

Dee Wang is a popular trainer/coach for ClarkMorgan. As an American of Chinese descent, Dee has a keen understanding of both Western and Chinese culture. This knowledge enables him to be equally at home working with both senior Western managers and their Chinese counterparts.

Living in Guangzhou and focusing mainly on ClarkMorgan’s Southern China based clients, Dee is equally at home delivering training to large groups and one to one coaching. His friendly and approachable style fits the culture of Southern China perfectly and his training has received very positive feedback by trainees and HR alike.

Fluent in both English and Cantonese, Dee has more than twenty years of senior international management experience. He has worked in industries as diverse as Manufacturing, Sales, Food and Beverage and even Concert Event Management.

Dee is a certified leadership trainer and qualified NLP Practitioner and has been providing training in China for more than ten years.

Cantonese and English
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Articles by Dee Wang

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Create Hope to Drive Engagement

YOU ARE IN A POSITION TO INFLUENCE both positively and negatively. One such way of positivity affecting a team is through the use of ‘hope’. Hope is often seen as an abstract or an emotion that one feels – something that is invisible to others. But positive psychologists, Snyder and Allen, define hope as a dynamic and…


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Are You Solution Focused?

AS MANAGERS WE ARE RESPONSIBLE for the quality outcome and performance of our team. When things don’t work out as planned or mistakes are made during the project what do you do? Do you start pointing fingers, blame others, or do you get solution focused? The term comes from the discipline of Solutions Focus (brief) Therapy (SFBT),…


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Creating Balance with Urgency and Importance

HOLIDAYS ARE MEANT TO BE FUN. But did you ever stop and wonder why time just flies by so quickly in these happy moments? What’s more, after the holiday’s over, we are often more tired than before! This is why: 1. Because we have this time, we feel we need/should/are obligated and are guilty if we don’t…


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Bosses are not Necessarily Good Leaders – Dee Wang

GOOD BOSSES ARE NOT NECESSARILY GOOD LEADERS. Good leaders empower their team and instills trust. They understand that leadership is not the destination, but a journey. So says Dee Wang, who shares a personal experience of a terrible leader who was quick to blame others, but slow to apologise. In doing so this boss proved he was not a…