Jason Hicks

Jason Hicks is Senior Trainer at ClarkMorgan and has 15 years of experience in the training industry. During this time, Jason has held both HR VP and Training and Development Manager positions. Based in Shanghai, he has worked with numerous Fortune 500 companies.

Jason has always taken an interest in other people’s stories and beliefs. He enjoys learning how people from vastly different cultures, interact internally and with other cultures. Jason is an Executive and Life Coach and donates his time and charisma as a host at many charity events. As a seminar trainer he focuses on presentations, communication skills, cross-cultural communication, business writing, emotional intelligence, time management, and coaching and mentoring for leaders.

English and Mandarin
United States
[email protected]

Articles by Jason Hicks

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The Power of Questions in Communication

“WHY DOES THIS KEEP HAPPENING TO ME?”  “What did I do to deserve this?” “How could that good for nothing jerk dare to do this!?” “Does she think I’m stupid and won’t notice she stole my presentation?” If any of these questions resonate with you, then you’re not alone. We sometimes meet daily setbacks, frustrations, obstacles,…



4 Ways to Make Your Junior Staff Proactive

WHY AREN’T JUNIOR STAFF IN CHINA making more decisions for themselves? In the January 2016 issue of McKinsey Insight, there was a discussion with the CEO of Roche, Severin Schwan, about a number of topics around innovation. One question was specifically about decision making and Mr. Schwan’s answer will resonate with many senior leaders, “It’s important, therefore,…


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Storytelling Your Way to a Promotion

THERE IS NO QUESTION THAT CHINA has produced some of the most distinguished early literature the world has ever seen. From the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, Dream of the Red Chamber, and Journey to the West, Chinese authors have been telling captivating stories and transmitting their beliefs for centuries. Recently neuroscience has gotten involved in…


Video Insights with Jason Hicks


Respect Can't be Demanded – Jason Hicks

THERE IS A DIRECT LINK BETWEEN great leadership and emotional intelligence, or EQ. In this ClarkMorgan Insights video, Jason Hicks, a trainer and coach, explains the importance of ‘self-regulation’ – one of the first proponents of EQ, Daniel Goldman’s, five components. Jason shares two cases of leaders who wanted to be respected, but by demanding…