Ping Zhou

Ping Zhou is a professional trainer specialising in Project Management, Leadership and general management skills.

After graduating from the Department of International Economics of Fudan University, Ms. Zhou started her career as an auditor in KPMG Audit Firm, and then focused on corporate consulting and project management. In 2001, she obtained her MBA from l’Ecole de Commerce de Grenoble, in France.

With Over 10 years of international working experience in Europe and Asia, Ms. Zhou has acquired deep business understanding through working as a Senior Business Consultant and Project Manager at Fortune 500 companies including Volvo, Johnson Controls and HP.

Thanks to her rich international business/management experience, Ms. Zhou is an expert at helping clients discover their real challenges and issues, and accordingly, customising her workshop to be practical and effective. Ms. Zhou is a certified DISC and IPMA trainer as well as an NLP Practitioner.

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Articles by Ping Zhou

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Great Project Management Means "Well Begun"

“WELL BEGUN IS HALF DONE”, as the Chinese saying goes. We all know the opposite is also true – something started without sufficient preparation is likely to fail, for a variety of reasons. In our business roles, lack of preparation will lead to cost over runs, delays and quality issues. It is vital then that project…


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Manage the Project by Focusing on the Status

IF YOU AREN’T CHANGING, then you’re falling behind. But implementing changes can be difficult if not done so in a structured manner. In business, changes should be implemented through projects and managed by project managers – which doesn’t have to be a formal title, but just someone who is responsible. Even a receptionist could be a…


Video Insights with Ping Zhou


International Teams, Ignore Culture at your Peril

WORKING IN INTERNATIONAL TEAMS requires an understanding of culture, not only individual idiosyncrasies.  This is because culture and business overlap, and are not independent of one another. One such example is shared with Ping Zhou in this ClarkMorgan Insight video. Ping graduated from Fudan University, and then started her career as an auditor in KPMG, before…