The Law of the Counter-Intuitive

LEARN TO BEAT your initial instincts. It has been striking me recently just how much of life is completely counter-intuitive, where you need to take action thPublished on 2012-02-10

Take Off Your Cultural Blindfold

TOO OFTEN WE BELIEVE our own limited worldview to be superior. I was working with a major sourcing firm recently and had the opportunity to speak with their Published on 2012-01-09

Delivering a Great Module

WHILE THERE’S NO “PERFECT” way to deliver a module there are a few key things to keep in mind: • Start every module loud and strong with biPublished on 2011-11-18

The Magic of Stadium Speaking

EACH YEAR I GET THE HIGHLY ENJOYABLE task of working with the Walmart board of directors to coach them for their upcoming YBM Speeches. For those outside the WPublished on 2011-02-28