Reframe, to Make the Grass Greener

ACCORDING TO THE UN World Happiness Report  China ranks 93rd happiest countries, out of 156. Denmark was number one. As the repost states, ” China is aPublished on 2014-05-23

The Power of Love

SIX HOURS INTO THE SECOND day of a presentations training I delivered not long ago, one of my trainees asks me, “How do you stay so energetic?” “That’sPublished on 2011-11-30

Stand Up and Lead

LEADERS AREN’T BORN, they’re also not made; they’re everyday people that, through a special set of circumstances are called forth to step up Published on 2011-09-30

Stay driven…

It never ceases to amaze me how driven people are to grow and succeed. During my Coaching and Mentoring seminars in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen over the lasPublished on 2011-07-31