A Lesson in Sales From the Pie Lady

IF BRITISH EXPATS TEND to pine for fish and chips, then for Australians, the food which gets them hungering for a taste of home, is the traditional Aussie meatPublished on 2013-10-09

Have You Been a Victim this Year?

THE OCTOBER HOLIDAY IN CHINA is here and we will all have a chance to take a breather from what has been a challenging year for many. The coming week will be a Published on 2013-09-30

Go Global…But Keep it Local

AS I GLANCED AT THE VARYING sizes of the mountains of printed training material in front of me, I couldn’t help but wonder if somewhere in China, a foresPublished on 2013-07-17

Do as I Say AND as I Do!

FRIDAY SAW ME REPRESENTING the ‘Rest of the World’ team against the APAC team in the Beijing capital Club Annual golf challenge. My morning match,Published on 2013-04-24