The Power of 'NO!'

We all know how important getting to ‘Yes’ is, but how important is the word ‘No’ in sales? For some companies the word ‘no’Published on 2014-03-14

It’s Big to be Small

WE NATURALLY SELL TO AND BUY FROM people we like or share a likeness with. How many of your customers fly to work in their own chartered jet? You don’t have tPublished on 2013-08-21

Never Sell a Carrot to a Rabbit

RABBITS LOVE CARROTS and they are the most discerning of carrot connoisseurs, and it’s almost guaranteed they know more about carrots than you do. So if youPublished on 2013-08-20

The Art of Chen

I ARRIVED AT SYDNEY AIRPORT. I briskly exited the terminal and was immediately greeted by the humid morning air. I strategically positioned myself in the cab rPublished on 2013-08-10