Change Under Different Cultures

ONE OF THE GREAT BENEFITS of working in corporate training and consulting is that I get to meet and have meaningful conversations with senior business leaders.Published on 2015-03-18

Are Your Bad Habits Killing Your Career?

ZHOU LI’S HABITS WERE EXPENSIVE. They’d already cost him two job promotions. At the time he’d blamed a lack of experience, or bad timing; even his boPublished on 2013-11-22

All Leaders Need a Wei Zheng

IN THE TANG DYNASTY, Emperor Li Shi Min had an advisor called Wei Zheng. In the past, Wei Zheng used to work for the Emperor’s enemy, but even with this coloPublished on 2013-09-26

Communication is the Response You Get

MY FAVOURITE EXPRESSION from the field of Neuro Linguistic Programming, or NLP, is “Communication is the response you get.” For those not familiar Published on 2013-08-15

Three Levels of Experience

MY COLLEAGUE BRICE recently bought a bicycle and started his “Discovering Shanghai Tour”.  That reminds me of “Three Levels of Experience”.  They arPublished on 2013-07-03