The training is really helpful for the team to improve in general management skills. I hope we can have the opportunities to cooperate in the future training.Published on 2015-01-10
Morry first started training Morgan Stanley in 2007 and today is one of our most popular trainers. He has trained staff in Beijing, Shanghai, Seoul, and Taipei.Published on
The workshop was well facilitated, with attendees developing the skills and understanding to engage in a multicultural workplace.Published on 2014-09-16
I was really touched by this systematic approach to reaching an agreement in sales. The trainer was able to explain very clearly. Thanks.Published on 2014-08-22
This is a great presentation that involves each trainee actively to have better knowledge about negotiations.Published on
The section of systematically ‘asking questions’ to uncover the underlying needs was the most inspirational section of this sales for the service inPublished on