When Doing Business in China, Swallow Your Pride – David Evans

发表于 2015-03-31

WHEN DEALING WITH LARGE ORGANISATIONS in China, whether they are government or private, the decision making process is without doubt top down. This process can be frustrating, because finding out who is at the top is not always simple. In many cases the first person met will be sent from his or her superior and any indication of authority, such as the title on their business card, may be vague. As a consequence, business professionals with egos need to swallow their pride as they work up the chain.
So says David Evans, Executive General Manager Marketing at Forico Pty Ltd. David has lived in Asia for over 30 years, working on projects and managing organisations across mainland China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, and Taiwan. He has been the Chairman of two Joint Ventures, and speaks both Japanese and Mandarin.

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