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ClarkMorgan Free Online Demo-How to Apply Assessments into People Development Program

CM Online Demo Flyer - How to Apply Assessments into People Development Program - Derreck Lilly - July 30.pdf

DATE:July 30th, 2020

TIME:10:00 - 11:30

TRAINER:Derreck L.

People development is critical for business growing, in real world, we don’t have enough time to read employee one by one.  Assessments are effective tools to help us to quickly understand employee’s current situation and assist us to set suitable development plan for them.


If we treat us as an iceberg in the sea, our behaviors are easier to be observed, our thinking pattern, values and motivators are invisible, though they play vital roles in our lives.


In our half day demo, we will share:

•ClarkMorgan – TTI Assessments

We will share the full image of assessments, it includes DISC, ACI, Motivator, EQ, DNA, which assist us have a comprehensive understanding on the strengths of each tool

•Case studies Q&A


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