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ClarkMorgan Free Online Demo - How to Sell for tangible results

CM Online Demo Flyer - How to Sell for tangible results - Raju Sajnnani - August 27.pdf

DATE:August 27th, 2020

TIME:14:30 - 16:30


Selling is becoming more challenging with competitive situations, highly knowledgeable customers, limited budgets as well as easy access to information.  The Customer buying process focuses on the premise that Customers WILL buy when the value we provide outweighs the needs they have and the issues existing are serious enough. The CASH sales process works on highlighting their situations by uncovering existing needs, identifying possible opportunities and highlighting the consequences of inaction.


Learning outcomes:

• Clearly identify customer needs before pitching your value 

• Move from order taking to selling your products/services

• Handle any objections or push back in a professional manner 

• Critical understanding of a customer’s business and their situation 

• Create trust and maintain relationship throughout your sales interaction.


In our demo, we will share:

• The “CASH” model & the benefits of using it 

• Identify areas your  salespeople could strengthen to differentiate your services 

• Help Customers “see” the urgency for the solution at hand 

• Group Practices 

• Q&A

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