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ClarkMorgan Free Online Demo - Handling Change Logically and Systematically : Facilitated Workshop Demo

CM Online Demo Flyer - Handling Change Logically and Systematically - Alex Weber - Aug 10 (Cn + En).pdf

DATE:August 10th, 2020

TIME:14:15 - 15:45


How can you approach CHANGE logically and systematically? With more of your staff working from home, unable to meet, how do you help them work more efficiently? Fix problems with motivation and mindset? Deliver a truly interactive problem-solving session where they improve the business outcomes that matter most to your performance?

In our demo, we will share:

• What tools and tips can you share with your colleagues in other regions? What can you learn from them? 

• What techniques can you use to build and maintain trust with your clients, pre - and post-sales, when you cannot meet them face to face? 

• How can you improve virtual engagement, and bring it closer to in-person communication in terms of connection and efficiency? 

• Case Study 

• Q&A

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