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ClarkMorgan Free Online Demo - Value Based Goal

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Date:Jan 26th (China Standard Time GMT+8)

Trainer:Andy Clark

Introduction to Values Connect – The Online Values Elicitation Tool

Values are things that we believe are truly important in the way we live and work. They act like our rocket fuel driving us forward to our goals. When our personal values are broken, we feel upset; when our personal values are met, we will feel really satisfied. And each year our values shift and change as the world changes around us. During Covid19 times our values have changed more than ever!


As leaders in our organisation, we need to know our own values and the values of our team. We need to be careful that we don’t project our values onto others and that we help our team to live their values to maximise their engagement at work.

Topics covered in this session are:

-  Understand your values in 2022

-  Setting your value-based goals 

-  Planning action plans to support your team 

Come join us and experience how important it is for you and your team

to set value-based goals at the beginning of the year!

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