• Effective Business Writing Skills Online - Alex Weber
  • Building a Positive Mindset – Andy Clark
  • Building a Positive Mindset 建立积极心态 (Chinese) – Alex Weber
  • Practical Time Management - Alex Weber
  • Time& Management Through Analysis — Pat McDonald
  • Essential Leadership Skills - Sean Kwan
  • Adapting Your Style to Change - Derreck Lilly
  • Embracing Change Webinar - Curt Mabry
  • Stress Management Webinar – Andy Clark
  • Leader as Coach Webinar (Mandarin) - Lillian Zhao
  • Intrapreneurship: Disrupting from within - Dominic Chan
  • Making a Great Online Presentation - Andy Clark
  • Emotional Leadership 情商领导力(Mandarin) - Sharon Lin
  • NLP for Health, Positive Mindset & Success During Covid 19 ,10 x 30 mins booster sessions – to be run over 5 weeks
  • How to Design and Deliver PRACTICAL Training - Jamie Dixon
  • Motivating Remote Sales Teams 如何激励远程销售团队- C.J.Ng
  • Key Account Selling Skills -James H.
  • How to Apply Assessments into People Development Program - Derreck L.
  • How to sell for tangible results - Raju S.
  • Handling Change Logically and Systematically  Facilitated Workshop Demo -Alex Weber
  • 双赢销售谈判线上分享会- James H.
  • Five Elements of a Compassionate leader- Bill C.

Frees you from anxiety about so-called "correct" English

Shows you specific techniques for improving the readability of your writing

Refreshes your knowledge of some basic rules of good written English

Helps you to get interpersonal, sales, and commercial results

The NLP Communication Model

Reframing - The Art of Changing Your Perspective

Limiting Beliefs to Success Beliefs

What are we feeding our minds?

NLP 沟通模型

重新架构 - 改变你视角的艺术



Interactive Jolt: Gain Consensus around Practical Approaches to Work

Prioritizing with the Eisenhower Matrix - Master a Powerful Prioritization Tool

Negotiating "No" and "Yes, but" - Communicate and Protect your Priorities

LifeHacks - Innovative Time Savers

Define your overall goals in the SMARTEST way to align your tasks.

Analyze how you frame yourself, habits, and planning to spotlight places to shine.

Look at how other's perceptions, ideas, and processes impact how you do tasks and leverage this understanding to increase your productivity.

Commit and change your behavior in a systematic way.

Share best practices to use your work network to reinforce task procedures and processes.

Self Knowledge on working styles tendencies

"Speed-Reading" others to build rapport for influencing

Embracing team diversity

Co-creating success

Manager requires to provide feedback to their team members on a timely manner

What's Your Style? Why Change?

The 4 Communication Styles

Adapting Your Style For Purpose

An Understanding of Change

Our Challenges in the COVID 2019 Era

IF/THEN – A tool for Intuitive Thinking

VUCA 2.0 - Leading the Mindset Shift

What is stress and how it effects the body?

We look at how we process information, generate emotions and behave in either positive or negative ways

Reframing – The Art of Changing Your Perspective

What are we feeding our minds?





What is Intrapreneurship?

Intrapreneurship Verses Entrepreneurship

What are the pros and cons of intrapreneurship?

What are the benefits? Disruptive Innovation?

Audience Analysis - The 3 P's – People, Purpose, Payoff

The Formation of Our Story - Post-it Method

Structuring Your Presentation: Emotional Impacting

Your Elevator Pitch - Speaking to the Point with Confident Language




通过Danial Goleman的情商5维度,背后的逻辑与理论,测试自身的情商

10 x 30 mins booster sessions – to be run over 5 weeks

Session 1: What is NLP?
The Key Beliefs in NLP
Reframing to see the positives in a negative situation

Session 2: The NLP Communication Model – How we feed our
mind impacts our results
Destructive Beliefs vs Constructive Beliefs

Session 3: Communicating with impact – Voice, Body language & Dress
Using 3P's and Post-it Method to generate a powerful communication

Session 4: NLP Goal Setting: How to set effective personal goals during Covid19
Creating fun and inspiring micro-goals for you and your family when the world is changing

Session 5: Rapport: Building warmth and connection in our relationships
Pacing and Leading: Bring others with you to influence

Session 6: Generating more Motivation – Values & what really drives us?
Creating a Values Filled life – the actions we can take to live our values more

Session 7: Making an impact on your audience with Specific, Positive & Confident Language
Make those you talk to feel more confident in you!

Session 8: Transforming through the Covid19 Crisis – Coaching yourself
We use the GAPS model to generate a plan for self-development

Session 9: Anchoring to resourceful states. How to feel better during difficult times?
The circle of excellence – tapping in to 3 positive states.

Session 10: Bringing it all together – Recap of all techniques
Where to go from here and how to apply them in the real world.

When and when not to use training

A 5 Step Performance Needs Analysis process

How to make training more relevant to the learners’ world



激励公式:成功概率 乘以 回报 除以 所需付出



看清客户需求、痛点的方法 —掌握客户业务需求、组织需求的个人人际需求





Initial Engager & Intro - Thumbs Up/Down (exercise) (10 min)

What’s Your Style & How does that affect your work/team ? (10 min)

How Motivation affects you and your team (10 min)

Succession Planning for high potentials (15 min)

How EI can help your high potentials & Leaders (10 min)

Putting it all together (5 min)

The “CASH” model & the benefits of using it

Identify areas your salespeople could strengthen to differentiate your services

Help Customers “see” the urgency for the solution at hand

Group Practices


What tools and tips can you share with your colleagues in other regions? What can you learn from them?

What techniques can you use to build and maintain trust with your clients, pre-and post-sales when you cannot meet them face to face?

How can you improve virtual engagement, and bring it closer to in-person communication in terms of connection and efficiency?

Case Study


• 学习建立销售谈判的目标
• 分析什么是客户赢,把握客户赢的感受和准则
• 分析在谈判中客户的购买需要,什么是必须满足的
• 分析什么是自己公司赢,什么是销售代表赢
• 学习并练习销售谈判中常用交换技巧
• 交换条件
• 附加利益
• 折衷
• 让步
• 针对客户必须满足的需要和谈判的焦点,讨论建立多种可行替换方案的方法,保证双赢

• 进行销售谈判的基本技巧
• 谈判引言
• 提出方案
• 拟定协议
• 如何呈现谈判方案
• 营造氛围
• 明确客户的需要
• 陈述自己的需要
• 测试解决方案
• 说明利益
• 运用创造力
• 把握结束销售谈判的时机,获取双赢

Module one: Soil
Diet and Exercise: “We are what we eat” “garage in the garage out”. If we are not consuming healthy foods, our body response by rejecting or reacting in a state of illness, fatigue, and even death. Look at all the chronic illnesses in the world today because we are consuming so much junk food, fat, cholesterol, sugar, salt, oil, alcohol, and process food. What are the most common chronic diseases in the modern world: Stoke, Obesity, Heart Disease, Cancer, Diabetes, Hypertension, arthritis, and Alzheimer’s Disease. This course is not intended to be a medical report but will overview some of the common causes and review recommendations from legendary doctors and biologists, nutritionists in the field of plant-based diet. All the experts had gained great results reverting chronically serious illnesses stated above using plant-based diets. It seems that a holistic approach combining mind, body, and spirit seems to produce the best results.  
Exercise is a wonder drug; moderate levels of exercises are enjoyable as well as healthy. Exercises release chemicals like: endorphin, serotonin, and dolphin that keeps you happy and calm.

Module two: Fire
Positive Mindset: Loneliness is the number 11 killer in America, suicide is the number 2 cause of death in teenagers, 12% Americans will experience depression sometime in their lives. Positive mindset “PERMA” are the key to resilience and to living a flourishing life.

Module three: Water
Mindfulness Meditation: Mindfulness meditation is about living in the present without ruminate or judgement. Mindfulness meditation is proven to release pain, stress, and improve focus. This results in better health, creativity, sleep, work productivity and even better grades.

Module four: Wood
Positive Environment: Living and surrounding yourself with nature and support. Having a place to rejuvenate, recharge and being around with people that appreciate and energize you can open pick you up and lift you to the next elevation.

Module five: Gold
Soft Skills to success: The cyber age world is too connected today to work in solo, never before will we needed to interact with people from across the globe that are so different from us. Your success now depends more on your ability to energize, influence, lead, inspire, understand, coach, work cohesively with others than your technical competencies. Another words, your success will depend on helping others to succeed. Successful leadership requires a combination of having a healthy body, positive mindset, and people skills to compete in this global market.