In this ever increasing VUCA world, Sales and other client-facing teams cannot simply rely on old models.  A mindset shift towards consultation is required to allow for better rapport and relationship with clients, and identifying needs before they are apparent.  This extensive training program gives delegates the tools they need to develop relationships, identify and fulfill needs, and counter the challenges of constant change.

• Understand how to capture the interest of conversation partners without relying on heavy planning

• Study the brain-based processes in persuasion based on David Rock’s SCARF Model

• Discover and define their own values and values of the conversation partner

• Explore and better understand multiple contexts of interpersonal dynamics

•  Understand how to actively listen while connecting and justifying their wants to the wants of the conversation partner

• Explore questioning types and their purposes to explore and relieve ‘pain points’

• Gain Applied Improvisation tools to develop the skills and confidence to improvise successful persuasive conversations

• Practice the Tools to improve their ability to influence naturally and persuade confidently

• Commit to accountability partnerships to keep practicing and developing the skills