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ClarkMorgan F2F Demo - Leading in the Digital Age

CM Demo Flyer_ the Role of a Leader in the Digital Age - Alex - Shanghai - March 25th.pdf

Date:Mar 25th (China Standard Time GMT+8)

Trainer:Alex Weber

How can you meet the challenges of leading in the digital age? 

With more of your staff working from home, unable to meet, how do you: 

➢ Help them work more efficiently? 

➢ Fix problems with motivation and mindset? 

➢ Deliver a truly interactive problem-solving session where they improve the business outcomes that matter most to your performance? 

In this session, we’ll show you how! 

Case Study Session Goals 

➢ What tools and tips can you share with your colleagues in other regions? What can you learn from them?

➢ How can you improve virtual engagement, and bring it closer to in-person communication in terms of connection and efficiency? 

➢ What techniques can you use to build and maintain trust with your staff, when you cannot meet them face to face?

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