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ClarkMorgan F2F Offline Demo (Shanghai) - Seriously Creative Problem Solving

ClarkMorgan FREE Offline Demo - Seriously creative Problem Solving - Stephane - Apr 7.pdf

Date:   Apr 7th

Time:2pm – 5pm (China Standard Time GMT+8)

Trainer :  Mr. Stephane R.


Problem solving is an essential soft skill that has been listed among the “Top 10 skills for 2025” by the World Economic Forum. Indeed, whether you are a functional specialist or a team leader, in today’s interconnected, unpredictable, and fast-moving workplace, you will surely encounter challenging problems that require solid, yet innovative solutions.


But that doesn’t mean the problem-solving process itself must always be overly rigid or dull. In fact, often the best ideas come from unexpected places. So how to be thorough in separating symptoms from root causes? How to make the process of ideation creative, collaborative and fun? When comparing multiple options, how to add vigor to the evaluation process? How should we make decisions on which action to take?


And crucially, how do we foster a work environment in which people are willing to innovate, motivated to create?  Let’s find out in this focused, straightforward, and collaborative problem-solving workshop!

What you can get from the demo:

-  Understand the various elements of the problem-solving cycle 

-  Experiment with various creative problem-solving techniques

-  Experience the power of collaboration and diversity -Learn what motivates individuals to be creative and innovate solutions to complex problems

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