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ClarkMorgan Beijing Demo - Box 4.0

ClarkMorgan September 8th  Demo - BOX 4.0 - Alex.pdf

Date:September 8th( Friday)

Time:2pm - 5pm

Trainer:Alex Weber


This unique and impactful training program pilot is designed to equip your staff with “The Box” : a revolutionary mindset tool proven to shatter barriers of conventional thinking. Old ways of working and relating leave people feeling boxed in, stymied by traditional norms and worries about external perceptions, as well as by self-imposed limiting beliefs. The program enables participants to challenge their beliefs and assumptions, fostering a new mindset that drives performance and productivity. Participants will learn techniques to get unstuck from habitual thinking patterns, and will be empowered to influence, inspire, and drive meaningful change within themselves and their teams.

Training Description and Core Tools

This high-impact workshop gives participants a framework for understanding and interacting with their mindset, and concrete tools for pro-actively changing their thinking. Everything is done with experiential learning techniques with practice opportunities leveraging  application and feedback. The program is designed to deliver mindset, tools, and post-course action planning to entrench and reinforce the learning.

Half day outline

Step 1: Build a Box

• Exploring and Redefining 

• Use the Box to Explore Thinking

Step 2: Wear the Box

• Activity and Debrief 

Step 3: Think In  & Out of the Box

•Tools to Adjust the Box (cognitive reframing, values alignment) 

Step 4: Apply to Puzzling Situations

• Action Planning, skills, and Next Steps

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