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ClarkMorgan Online Demo - Appreciating the Value of SLII®

ClarkMorgan Nov Online Demo - SLII - Emily Leong - 14 Nov.pdf

Date:November 14( Tuesday)

Time:10am - 11:30am

Trainer:Emily Leong

Leadership Challenges

What leadership style is most effective for building a highly resilient team from a diverse workforce to meet the demands of today's rapidly evolving business world?

How can leaders effectively cultivate a growth mindset in team members to fulfill career aspirations and achieve goals for organizations’ success?

SLII ® - A Time-Tested Leadership Model

SLII ® is a 40-year time-tested leadership model designed to equip leaders with powerful skills to develop their team members, foster consistent motivation, and increase confidence, thereby nurturing high-performance individuals and teams. It was developed by The Ken Blanchard Companies.

The unique strength of SLII ® lies in its effective application of matching the appropriate leadership style to the development level of team member for a specific goal, enabling the team member to grow and become self-reliant. It equips leaders with the ability to accurately discern the situation and challenges at hand through intentional, open, and high-quality conversations with the team member. It is a flexible, collaborative, systematic approach that adapts to the needs of team members,    effectively resolving situational challenges and maximizing productivity   and performance.

Appreciating the Value of SLII ® in 1 Hour

§ What makes SLII ® valuable 

§ The fundamental concepts related to people development and matching leadership styles 

§ The vehicle that drives SLII ® 

§ How to learn SLII ®, and available rich supporting resources 

§ The benefits for organizations

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