Jimbo C.

Jimbo C.

Jimbo C.

Originally hailing from Seattle, WA, Jim moved to China in 1986 after graduating from Seattle Pacific University with a degree in cross cultural communication. During his time in Asia, Jim has led seminars in more than fifteen countries, including China, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Australia.

Jim’s expertise is not limited to the meeting room. He worked for over a decade as a senior manager for a US-based company managing nine direct reports in three countries. He has a total staff of more than 100 people from more than 15 countries under his supervision.

He is a trained Six Sigma Black Belt with a number of successful improvement projects. He has managed through rapid expansion and through serious cost cutting and contraction. This leads to a depth of understanding, experience, and empathy that shows up in every programme.

Jim has five main areas of expertise that he brings to his clients:

1. Expert Facilitation Skills – Jim has facilitated numerous executive-level strategic vision and planning sessions. He has a great depth of experience using a variety of facilitation methodologies, including technology of participation, open space technology, and world café. Also, he has helped

numerous companies develop and implement their vision, mission, and values statements.

2. Creativity and Innovation – Jim’s career has been built on finding innovative solutions to complex issues in the service and education industries.

3. Games and Simulation Design and Facilitation - Jim has designed a broad variety of learning games and simulations and has had his games featured in publications in North America.

4. Accelerated Learning – Jim is a certified accelerated learning practitioner and has led more than 100 accelerated learning-based events.

5. Keynote Addresses – Jim is an accomplished public speaker and has presented at or hosted numerous events, including hosting the HR Director’s conference in Hong Kong and Beijing.

  • LanguageEnglish, Mandarin
  • NationalityUnited States
  • Main Training AreasExpert Facilitation Skills
    Creativity and Innovation
    Games and Simulation Design and Facilitation
    Accelerated Learning
    Keynote Addresses
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