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ClarkMorgan Free Online Demo - Inclusive Leadership

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Date:Jan 26th (China Standard Time GMT+8)


Promoting Diversity and Inclusion is increasingly perceived as a societal imperative and many organizations are putting in place D&I policies and practices. However, the D&I in this part of the Asia could be quite different from the west. With the globalization and younger generations joining the workplace, the need for leaders to create welcoming workplace cultures is growing exponentially. Research shows that Inclusive Leader tends to see better outcomes from the individuals and teams they manage, including greater employee loyalty, better decision-making, and higher levels of innovation.

Learning outcomes:

•  Understand what is Inclusive Leadership and what is D&I and its impact 

•  Learn the 7 stages of attitudes when dealing with differences 

•  Explore the internal (cognitive) diversity and implicit (hidden) diversity of individuals and teams using the Cultural Orientations Framework (COF) assessment 

•  Nurture an inclusion culture based on the diversity of the teams 

•  Design and develop an impactful diversity and inclusion strategy for global business

In our demo, we will share:

•  What is D&I and its impact, as well as the role of an Inclusive Leader 

•  How one’s attitudes deal with differences and how it could impact the D&I effectiveness 

•  Explore the use of Cultural Orientations Framework (COF) in unlocking the value of diversity and inclusion in organization 

•  Practical activities Q&A

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