Embracing & Leading Change:
A Mindset Shift for Leveraging (and Leading) Change 

EMBRACING THE CHANGE 1-day program for teams facing Change

Change is the only Constant in this VUCA world.  Although it seems natural for people to be resistant to change, in fact the adaptability of the human brain has allowed our species to leverage change to be in control of our world. Through tools from Applied Improvisation, NLP, and the SCARF model of interpersonal dynamics; the ClarkMorgan consultant helps guide towards shifting mindsets to first accept then seek opportunity in change.  With this outlook, a team can better define the change,  identify issues and opportunities, develop tools for maximizing positive outcomes, and create a more fertile environment for innovating in the change.

EMBRACING AND LEADING THE CHANGE 2- day program for Leadership Teams facing Organizational Change

For Leaders, encouraging a mindset shift and defining issues in the change are only the first steps.  Empathic communication and authorship of the Change are essential to maintain the positive mindset, as well as lead and motivate teams towards optimizing the change.  By developing Non-Violent and empathic communication habits, leaders will empower team members with choice and authorship for more meaningful growth from the change. Building on the tools in the 1 day program, this workshop dives deeper to prioritize and delegate issues in the change, and lead and motivate the team towards optimizing the change.