This is a 2-day Agile product discovery and delivery workshop mainly for various levels of Product Owners, Managers, Business Analysts, Agile Coaches/ScrumMasters who are looking to become great product owners (or to understand the role of product owners thoroughly) in this innovation driven and highly uncertain era.This Scrum development approach includes detailed explanations of:

•  product ownership 

•  product visioning 

•  product discovery (using certain Lean Startup and Design Thinking techniques) 

•  Scrum framework 

•  the roles (including Product Owner) in a organization using Scrum 

•  views on agile requirements and principles 

•  Creating release goals, 

•  Development and management of a product backlog (using Impact and Story Mapping) 

•  Identification of user roles 

• Creating different levels of user stories with effective backlog refinement activities 

•  prioritizing requirements 

•  Establishment of a sprint goal to frequently deliver potentially shippable product increments in series of time-boxed iterations.

Collaboration between the Product Owner and development team and stakeholders will be explained as well. A project case will be used throughout the workshop to let participants practically apply what they have learned, with lots of hands-on exercises, games and class discussions.