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Delivering a Great Module

Published on 2024-01-03

Written by Andy Clark

WHILE THERE’S NO “PERFECT” way to deliver a module there are a few key things to keep in mind:
• Start every module loud and strong with big body language and enthusiasm “Now we are going to look at one of the most essential modules in communication skills – Positive language! This is something I really needed to learn when I first left university, because in Britain we have a very strong tendency to be negative.”
• Never just read out the slide – always add your own comments and elaboration
• Make sure to have “Experientialization” for every module (3 examples are recommended). These experiences or cases can be borrowed from books, other trainers, TED talks or from your business experience
• Ensure your word choice is appropriate for your audience. If the module has technical terms you will need to explain them to an audience of non-native speakers.
• Notice the feedback from you audience on every sentence you speak. Do trainees nod and smile, or do they look blank? Modify what you say each time based on your ongoing calibration of the audience.
• Be extremely clear on exactly what the trainees need to do for the activity “OK, you are now going to run the activity on page 5. You will work with a partner to convert the 5 sentences into more professional language. So everyone please stand up and find a partner who is not sitting on your table. You have 8 minutes to complete this! Go!”