ClarkMorgan Trainers

ClarkMorgan Trainers believe that “Transforming Training, Evolving People” is as much about their own personal development as it is about delivering truly impactful trainings for our clients.

Our Trainers

Our trainers commit to improving themselves continuously through sharing their knowledge and research and publishing their writings. Click on the profiles below to learn more about our trainers, their personalities, and expertise.

Bill C.

Bill has been involved in corporate training in sales, key account management, coaching, presentations, cultural intelligence, negotiation and attitude change for over 25 years.

Sean K.

Sean is passionate about his corporate learning and development partnership with teams and individuals in local and multinational corporations across Asia.

Ben M.

Ben M. has trained thousands of professionals from over 60 countries to lead, work and communicate more effectively in multicultural teams and workplaces.

Anita B.

Anita Billings is a charismatic and energetic presenter. she is a trilingual (English, Mandarin and Cantonese) facilitator who has developed great insights with the learning styles of the middle management workforce in China and other Asian cultures as they have been her key geographical focuses over the years.

Wilson Qiu

Wilson is a facilitator, speaker and human resource management consultant