A Mindset Shift for Effective and Influential Leadership

Today’s leader faces new and unexpected challenges every day - often with no frame of reference from past experience. Language, culture, markets and individual identity change and flow like water; yet the expectations placed upon a leader only increase. Effective leaders are master communicators, understanding multiple contexts and facets of the communication process; and become influencers by adjusting their communication style to each individual and situation.

The Empathic Leadership Communication coaching system explores tools and concepts from Applied Improvisation, Non-Violent Communication, Neurolingustic Programming and other areas. Coaching begins with the individual coachee’s self awareness, and moves upwards through interpersonal dynamics, empathy, persuasion and influence, and different communicaton contexts. The coachee works with the coach to set their own goals and process for the coaching sessions, which work with current communication situations from the coachee’s life.

Available as 1 on 1 Executive Coaching or Group Coaching for Leadership teams.